Thursday, August 31, 2006

This sign is on the Cape Arago highway, on the way back to Coos Bay from the sea port and boat basin of Charleston, OR. It's about 9 miles from Highway 101 to down town Charleston, maybe 3 through town, then about 6 on the Cape Arago Highway, along the Bay and the Coos River.

One of the several nice gift shops located in Charleston. There are a couple of laundomats, because of the transient boats and RV's that come here.

People fish off the Jettys. You can catch all sorts of good eating fish, depending on the level of the tide and the wind. This is about 1/2 mile from both the campgrounds pictured later.

The entrance looks larger in this picture. As the blog progresses, you see it from another angle. "Red Right Returning" is the rules of the road here. Check out the entrance bouy.

A nice little cove inside the bay.

The Helix at the beach. This is near Charleston, the beach is called Bastendorf. Note the big ship coming into the harbor.

This big freighter is coming in to Coos Bay. He has a narrow entrance to get through.

This is the entrance to Coos Bay. And the Mouth of the Coos River. Although windy today, the Bar is very quiet. It's amazing how large some of the ships are that come through the Jettys. The New Clarissa went aground 1.5 miles north of here 3 or 4 years ago, in a bad storm. It's still on the beach.

The beach and end of the South Jetty, from the hill by the entrance to the County Park.

Entrance to Bastendorf County Park..Nice place.

This County park has very nice campsites. It's up the hill from the private campground. Very nice, the sites are mostly cut out of the underbrush, making them seem private. All the road in the park are nicely blacktopped. Same distance from town as the private park. 1.5 miles.

Nice to find a campground with WiFi! There are tent sites as well as RV spots. This campground is located one and a half miles from Downtown Charleston.

The little store and office for the Campground. This is private, and has some advantages over the County Park.

There are more tent sites down these little trails. If you want, you can set up right on the beach.

Most of the tent sites are just over the dune from the Ocean. Some have more trees than others.

A camp site 1.5 miles from Captain John's motel in Charleston. Tent sites are large, all have fire pits. There is a big community pit over in the RV part.

They usually have live music here on the weekends. Nice deck outside also.

Excellent Pastry's! They also have good Thai food to go, or eat inside or in the back on their deck. Nice pies too!

A good place to eat in Charleston. There are several good eating establishments!

Part of the deck at the Beach House.

The Beach house in Charleston. there are 7 bedrooms in here, and very large living room with big wood stove, all the wood you want, nice kitchen, and 1.5 baths. With proper early reservations, it can be rented very reasonably. It's right on the Bay.

The back of Capt'n John's. Storage for boats and crab pots.

She's in the process of packing up my coctail. She will fill the carton, then add some excellent sauce, throw in two packs of soda crackers and two red and white mints. All for $1.95. Tastes Wonderful!

Betty Kay, probably the most popular Charter Boats. The locals call the Charter boats "pukers", for obvious reasons.

One of the 3 or 4 Charter Boat businesses.

My favorite place to get shrimp coctails. They raised their price this year, so it will probably hold for a couple years now..You really get a lot...full 8 0z. container.

Several kinds of fresh seafood is sold here. They always have shrimp and crab coctails too.

Downtown, across from the boat harbor. Two good places to eat, and some marine stores.

The Helix...not checking in, just visiting....

Owner of Capt'n John's. Very nice local lady. Her and her husband have owned it for many years.

Capt'n John's Motel....

The Portside. Good menu, and one of the best seafood buffets on the coast.

A nice Thrift and consignment shop. Oyster Cove Restaurant is very good, but on the high side of the dollar scale! (at least for around here)

If you like "glitz" this is the place. Clothes and jewelry and lots of gadgets! Fun place!

Pick out the live ones, they'll cook it and you can eat it up right there.

If you want good calories, this deli is the place to go! The next gas station is about 7 miles away in Coos Bay.

The General Store has it all, and Chuck's Seafood has been in business for years. Nice new building now.

The only gas station in Charleston now. They have a very good Deli too. Right on the West end of the Bridge.

One of the newer businesses on the East side of the Bridge.

The East end of the draw bridge. This is a good place to have fresh Sea Food.

Charleston from Cape Arago Highway. Canneries, The CG Station. Boat Harbor, Industrial businesses and places to eat. And tourist shops!

And the Green Haired lady says "Goodbye"